Priscilla Gilman is a bolt of euphoric lightning! We host hundreds of authors and Priscilla brings a remarkable amount of energy, enthusiasm and empathy to our events. Her ability to connect with individual members of an audience is extraordinary.

— Jonah Zimiles, Managing Principal, [words] Bookstore, Maplewood, New Jersey

Priscilla Gilman is the most dynamic and lively teacher I have ever encountered. Having co-taught with her for several years at Vassar College, I can attest to the fact that she is as knowledgeable as she is riveting.

— Paul Kane, Professor of English at Vassar College

Thank you so much for a stunning program today! Your book is truly a treasure, as are you. Everyone was enchanted by you: you were wonderfully open, articulate, engaging; and I knew that you would find just the right way to convey the emotions expressed in your memoir that was both deeply touching and joyous, filled with life and promise. Congratulations again for such an unforgettable day!!

— Helen Houghton, Library Chairman at a private women’s club in New York and a director of the Academy of American Poets

It was a joy getting to meet you last night. And I know that everyone in the audience felt the same way. You were so generous and beautiful in reading. Your book is a real gift to the world. Thank you for being there, and I hope you will consider Spoken Interludes a place to always come with your work. You are adored here.

— DeLaune Michel, writer and creater/curator of the Spoken Interludes reading series in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

I knew that my English students would love Gilman’s talk, but what’s been so rewarding is how many conversations across campus we’ve had since she was here. Priscilla Gilman brought together faculty and students from Psychology, Education, Health Sciences, into a rich conversation about life, literature, and what really matters. She is such an engaging and inspiring speaker—everyone keeps thanking me for bringing her to campus.

— William Stroup, Professor of English, Keene State College

I highly recommend scheduling Priscilla at your next conference/event. She spoke at our Child Care Resource and Referral agency regarding Parent/Teacher/Provider Collaborations and she ROCKED THE HOUSE! Many were in tears. Perfect energy and perfect timing.

— Dana Doyle, Professional Development Coordinator, Child Care Council of Westchester

Your visit to the Library was one of the best Cornwall hours ever. You took the measure of your audience and gave us exactly what we needed; your talk was perfectly pitched, clear enough to stand on its own for those to whom the subject was new, but also rich enough to provide interesting excursions for everyone. Today I’ve heard from three people who were present at your talk. One of them said glowing things in conversation; the other two were the men sitting next to me in the front row, whose emails follow:

We were VERY pleased that we stayed for the talk! It was really amazing…so personal and yet so stimulating about critical issues….and she even described the things we were speaking about before she came: the narrow emphasis on “scholarly” research instead of the humanistic work with students!

Wonderful talk. She has such passion and eloquence it was inspiring to hear her. Would love to have been a student of hers when she was still teaching. Have started her book ahead of others on the list or next to my bed.

Your manner as a speaker is as winning as your message is substantial. I loved every minute of it . . . it makes me especially happy that others felt unexpected joy!

— Frances Taliaferro, Cornwall CT Library Board and former English teacher and College Advisor, The Brearley School

I have rarely experienced a speaker more compassionate and electrifying than Priscilla Gilman. Priscilla’s weeklong workshop on poetry was outstanding, and inspired our prisoner students to new levels of insight, sensitivity, and empathy. In making poetry from Shakespeare to Audre Lord relevant and compelling, she enhanced the prisoners’ self-awareness and commitment to living more mindful lives.

— Sunny Schwartz, Program Administrator for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, Founder of RSVP (Resolve to Stop the Violence Project)

Thank you for a most heart-felt and sensitive talk about your book and your own story about how you traveled the both difficult and rewarding road of motherhood. Your book, The Anti-Romantic Child: A Story of Unexpected Joy, is so honest about the struggle, but also offers hope and happiness and wisdom to those who might have the same experiences. It was evident by the comments from the audience that you opened the door for some who may not have been able to talk about their struggles before. Your book opens that door wider, and helps to keep it open. The way you told a story as you spoke about your book was the perfect kind of author talk, and I have heard many!

— Joan Hume, Community Relations Director, The Westport Public Library, Westport, CT

It was so wonderful to have you come to RI and present to the ASD network. Your talk was amazing. It was so inspiring and thought provoking and sad and joyful all at the same time. I wish there were 500 people in the room hearing your important messages.

— Sue Constable, Coordinator of Autism Support for the Department of Education, State of Rhode Island, and creator of an autism graduate program at Rhode Island College

I want to tell you how much our patrons enjoyed your talk yesterday evening. Both your story and your delivery were honest, direct, and especially captivating. Thank you for spending so much time addressing the questions and comments. We all look forward to your next endeavor.

— Carole Meehan, Library Coordinator at the Harrison Public Library

I want to thank you not only for the brilliant insights you put forward tonight, but for taking the time to prepare and to really think through so many issues. . . . the audience was totally drawn to you . . . they were fascinated by you because you were thoughtful, honest, and exciting. What a fantastic evening you gave all of us.

— Andre Aciman, Chair of The CUNY Graduate Center’s doctoral program in Comparative Literature, Founder and Director of The Writer’s Institute

Todd Drezner and Priscilla Gilman’s Keynote Address at our 2011 Annual Conference was fabulous! The evaluations are 100% excellent (the highest grade) so clearly the audience agrees with my assessment.

— Asperger’s Association of New England’s Executive Director Dania Jekel

Thank you for your unforgettable presentation at the Women’s Group of the Greens Luncheon. To be able to capture the interest and attention of almost three hundred attendees is certainly a feat. Your book which deals with such sensitive issues was written so beautifully that it touched the hearts of all of us. We truly loved having you as our guest speaker!!

— Cookie Edell, coordinator of the WGG Book and Author Luncheon, Crest Hollow Country Club, Woodbury, NY

Priscilla Gilman provided an enlightening and inspirational evening for a group of parents and educators at The Auburn School in Baltimore. Her story resonated powerfully and poignantly for the audience and provided our families with a connection to their own children as she enthusiastically engaged parents with personal insights about raising her very special son. When she finished, I exclaimed: “I wish the whole city of Baltimore could have been here tonight! Everyone could learn so much from Priscilla!

— Marjorie Hoffman, Head of School, The Auburn School, Baltimore, Maryland

I had invited Priscilla to discuss poetry with my son’s 2nd grade class for poetry month. Priscilla had the kids eating out of the palm of her hand. They were mesmerized, one and all, and bursting with enthusiasm. Although they’d been discussing poetry all month, Priscilla really made the poems come alive for them. She had a magical way of making it not only accessible but animating. I could see it in their eyes — she was teaching them how to experience the words, not just read them, and it was clicking. Priscilla was sure to engage each and every child, and in the end they crowded around her, wanting to share their thoughts and their own work. The teachers picked up a trick or two, as well, I dare say.

— Svetlana Katz

Priscilla Gilman was fantastic–engaged and engaging, with a deep knowledge of Wordsworth’s poetry, and a passion for Wordsworth and for poetry that she shared with my students. Her blend of a scholarly and a personal approach engaged our hearts and minds. Her references to her book, The Anti-Romantic Child, made her visit less of a lesson and much more of an authentic conversation.

— John Beall, English teacher, The Collegiate School, New York City

Dr. Priscilla Gilman immediately captures the attention of her audience with clear articulation of her subject in a warm and enchanting manner. One cannot help but be drawn into conversation with her because she is quick of wit, extremely knowledgeable, honest, and her display of emotion is real. Priscilla has a keen ability to engage even the quietest person in a deep conversation about the things that matter most to us all.

— Kelly Grimaldi, Historian, St Agnes Cemetery, Menands, New York

I attended the Yale Women in NY event last night, and I’m writing to thank you again for a superb evening. Your presentation of Bishop’s “One Art” was lovely, joyful, encouraging, and inspiring. Obviously, you love what you do, and you’re terrifically talented. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us.

— Julia Strohm, Yale Class of 1983

Your willingness to speak to my class and allow them to see your passion for education, love for children, and constant pursuit for children’s happiness and equality will stay with them forever. Those qualities that define you provide future educators with an invaluable lesson on why hard work, persistence, and desire to meet every child’s needs remain their top priority. I am extremely grateful for being able to read about your experiences, visibly see your passion and dedication, and share with others what a true role model represents.

— Michael Houck, faculty at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Thank you for a moving, inspiring and uplifting reading and discussion at The IDEAL School of Manhattan last night! I could relate so well to your experiences-the moments of darkness and light, both–told so beautifully. And your wonderful words about IDEAL truly pinpointed what makes it so special. It was a terrific evening!!!

— Audra Zuckerman, Founder, The IDEAL School of Manhattan

Priscilla is a wonderful speaker; she gave a magnificent talk at our Ramapo luncheon in October 2012. Her candor and openness help her connect to her audience in a very personal way, while her use of poetry provides a unique window into the complex emotions of her experience.

— Adam Weiss, Chief Executive Officer, Ramapo for Children

WOW! That was amazing! Thank you so much. You are an eloquent speaker and I am really thrilled that the residents and interns had a chance to see/hear your journey through your voice in the book and in person. What a gift.

— Mary Margaret Gleason, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Co-clinical director Early Childhood Support and Services (ECSS) at Tulane University School of Medicine

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with our class this evening! You were not only open, insightful, profound, and engaging, but also you seemed truly interested in us as students; where we had come from, and where we were going in our own lives. It was definitely a treat!

— Chris Wright, student, Trinity College, Hartford CT

Winner of the Graduate School Prize Teaching Fellowship at Yale University

It was so wonderful to have you speak at Allen-Stevenson last evening — and more importantly to meet one of my favorite authors! Today happened to be conference day for Kindergarten and First Grade. A number of parents in this group were at your presentation last night and you were the talk of the hallways! The parents loved what you had to say. You were so eloquent and spoke from the heart. The parents I spoke with were so moved. I hope that we can arrange for you to come and speak to our teachers some time in the near future.

— Susan Etess, Lower School Head, The Allen-Stevenson School, NYC